Samburu County forms Committee to deal with El Nino

Samburu County forms Committee to deal with El Nino

The County Government of Samburu has today unveiled plans for El Nino preparedness by forming a Steering Committee to mitigate possible effects of the heavy downpour.

The Samburu National Drought Management (NDMA) coordinator Alex Leseketet led stakeholders in visiting several villages within Samburu County and initiating public awareness on El Niño and its effects.

The stakeholders included World Vision, Acted Kenya, Catholic Diocese, Samburu Agriculture Department among others.

Mary Bett, the county’s agricultural officer, said the County government has bought seeds for short rains and will distribute to people for planting during the El-Niño.

Farmers have also put in place measure to caution them from the effect of the rain including harvesting early and digging drainage.

“We have decided to harvest early due to the fear of El Nino and plans are underway to plant. We have low yield due to the prolonged drought” said Waingo Kenzi, the farmers in Losuk.

“I have made preparations by making water outlets from my land,” he added.

Leseketeti said that they have mobilised stakeholders and made a series of meetings in Manyattas to sensitise people on the possible effects of El Nino.

“We expect more impact in Kirisia and Mathew’s ranges. We have moved to make drainage in Maralal town to prevent stagnation of water.”

Samburu plans come just a day after the County Government of Garissa unveiled a Steering Committee on El Nino Preparedness and set aside Sh 500 million to curb the effects of El Nino.

The committee embarked on implementing strategies to address any disasters during the much anticipated El Nino.

The committee comprised officials from the national government, county government, Red Cross, the media, the metrological department, NGOs and various security agencies.

Elsewhere at the coast, residents have started experiencing heavy rains which have prompted the county government to embark on a major operation to unclog drainage systems.

Mombasa County Government has also ordered over 2,000 fishermen operating along the coastline to keep off the ocean during t

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