DP Ruto praises Moi for retiring when his term expired

DP Ruto praises Moi for retiring when his term expired

Deputy President William Ruto has sent his message of condolence to the family of Mzee Daniel Arap Moi following his demise early Tuesday.

In his eulogy, Ruto reminisced how Moi picked him up as a political freshman and mentored him into a leader.

He described the late Mzee Moi as a God-fearing leader who sacrificed his personal comfort so that Kenya could be stable as nation.

The DP also praised Moi for retiring from active politics when his term in office expired, saying that Moi left an undeniable legacy: a challenge to the younger generation on nation building.

“The late Mzee Moi submitted himself to the presidential term limit thereby retiring when his time was up,” DP Ruto said.

His statement comes on the backdrop of claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga set up the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as a way of retaining power come 2022.

Leaders allied to the DP have constantly castigated the President and  Mr. Odinga over one of main proposals of the BBI report: the return of the position of Prime Minister.

At one time, a visibly angry President Kenyatta called out the Tangatanga leaders saying they lack a sense of direction.

“They see me silent and think ‘he is just there and knows nothing’. There is nothing I do not know and when the time comes, I know those who speak and they are not those who are speaking now,” he said.

The widening rift between the team allied to the DP and those close to President Kenyatta was also seen in statements from Mzee Moi’s son Gideon (Baringo Senator).

That Dr. Ruto and the Baringo Senator do not see eye to eye is not a secret: in the past, Mr. Moi has accused the DP’s allies of being a stumbling block in the fight against graft in Kenya.

In a different incident in May 2018, DP Ruto was forced to wait for close to two hours to meet the late Mzee Moi.

The scheduled meeting came to naught after the DP was told he couldn’t meet Mzee Moi as he had a doctor’s appointment.

Some in Dr. Ruto’s camp said the incident was an attempt to humiliate him because of the political kingship contest with the Baringo Senator.

Others said the botched meeting would not be a good look for the DP politically especially after Mzee Moi went on to meet with ODM leader Raila Odinga.


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