Ruto deletes video of cop fighting over bribe after KOT label him ‘blogger’

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday morning shared a video of two police officers engaged in a fight over an alleged bribe.

The DP later deleted the videos after Kenyans on Twitter labelled him a ‘blogger’.

In the video, two police officers in a police landcruiser are seen arguing after stopping two bodaboda riders who were ferrying sacks of charcoal.

The bodaboda riders in the video then dismount their bikes and attack one of the officers who quickly draws his gun.

In the ensuing argument, one of the officers in plain clothes tells his colleague to allow the riders to pass, noting that he had already received a bribe.

“Wewe banaa, si ulipatiwa pesa, si ulipewa pesa(you were given money, were you not?,” one of the riders asks the agitated officer.

DP Ruto who shared a video of the exchange between the officers decried their conduct saying Kenya has no room for impunity.

“There is no room for impunity even during this time when all systems are geared towards dealing with corona pandemic. Citizens must keep vigil as they adhere to the directives of MoH,” he wrote on Twitter.

In a follow-up Tweet, DP Ruto noted the Inspector General of Police had ordered the arrest of the officers who were set to be arraigned in court.

Moment later, the videos were deleted from his timeline.

The video elicited mixed reactions on Twitter with Kenyans saying the second-in-command had assumed the role of blogger-in-chief.

“You have been reduced to posting videos of what Kenyans go through, just resign bratha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” Dnamano wrote.

Another Kenyan wondered why a whole Deputy President’s account would be tweeting  such matters:

“Itumbi certain things you leave for news anchors and bloggers to tweet. This is a whole DP’s account tweeting news? SMH,” a Tweep by the name Kenya West wondered.

Sir Mancini Mancini scoffed at the video, saying Ruto had now become a blogger: “What is going on here? Why is a whole Deputy President blogging? Where is  @OleItumbi . This is Itumbi’s job. Heh! Bwana DP, kweli #Utawezana na blogging?

“Ruto has once more assigned himself the role government spokesman Cyrus Oguna…ooh!Poor me!” Brian Mamboleo wrote.

Another Tweep, Echogreen wondered what the DP was upto during the pandemic writing: “Wapi free sanitizers to our wanainchi? Wapi masks kwa wale hawawezi afford? Umeongezea madaktari na nurses mshahara? Achana na kazi zenye local police post can deal with! Please

A follow-up Tweet on DP Ruto’s account has since clarified the matter, saying the video was initially sent by Magarini MP Michael Kingi on the issue of officers mishandling the public.

“The issue of the police officer mishandling locals in Marafa was brought to my attention by Magarini MP Michael Kingi and I promptly informed security officers of the same and the IG has acted. The officer will appear in court. We should be civil & humane in handling the public,” the tweet read.

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