Royal Media Services to launch vernacular TV stations

Royal Media Services to launch vernacular TV stations

Royal Media Services (RMS) is set to launch vernacular TV stations to cater for its burgeoning audience as part of the company’s strategy to consolidate and diversify its business.

“Starting this month, RMS will systematically embark on the first phase of product diversification and business consolidation by unveiling four vernacular TV services,” said RMS Managing Director Wachira Waruru.

Inooro TV studio.
Inooro TV studio. The vernacular TV channel is one of four set to be launched by Royal Media Services

RMS will begin with the launch of Inooro TV, a 24-hour Kikuyu language channel before embarking on opening TV stations for Ramogi, broadcasting in Dholuo, Chamgei (Kalenjin) and Musyi TV which will broadcast in Kamba.

According to Wachira Waruru, the launch is in line with the company’s desire to continue producing quality broadcast content to Kenyans in their first language.

“Having pioneered vernacular radio broadcasting, we are keen to continue providing unrivalled and quality broadcast content to Kenyans in their first languages,” he said.

Wachira stated that the success of vernacular radio channels, under the Royal Media Services stable, has provided ample proof that Kenyans want platforms through which they can articulate issues close to their hearts, especially at the grassroots level.

You can watch the show reel here:

Inooro TV is set to be launched on October 26, 2015
Inooro TV anchors Ken Wakuraya and Pauline Muthoni will be bringing you the latest news in Kikuyu language

He further added that: “RMS is the parent company of Citizen TV, the run-away market leader with close to 50 per cent of TV market share in Kenya. The company also runs 14 radio stations, among them two national and 12 vernacular services.”

By launching Inooro TV, Royal Media Services seeks to consolidate its market leadership through diversification of TV content that is responsive to market and consumer needs, in the wake of the recent migration from analogue to digital TV broadcasting in Kenya.

“Kenyans will have the opportunity to watch professionally produced, high quality and trend setting programing in their vernacular languages,” Wachira assured.

The vernacular channel will bring you latest news and exciting programmes
The 24-hour vernacular TV channel will be launched on October 26, 2015

“Viewers can be assured of being kept abreast with all the latest news that impact on their lives, extensive on-ground reach as well as credible, interactive and opinion shaping talk shows,” he added.

Inooro TV shall be a rolling 24-hour Kikuyu channel with a programing bouquet that shall entail a blend of news/current affairs and entertainment.

On entertainment, the line-up shall offer captivating programmes ranging from dramas, soaps, musical shows, Kikuyu cultural shows, game shows and religious shows.

Central to the exponential growth of all the RMS brands has been local and relevant content coupled with relentless innovation driven by laser-focused market research and consumer feedback.

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