Rogo’s widow withheld information on police station attack

Rogo’s widow withheld information on police station attack

The slain Muslim Cleric Aboud Rogo’s widow, Haniya Said Saggar, was on Friday, September 23, charged with failing to give information to the police on the attempted terror attack on Mombasa Central Police Station.

Saggar, who appeared before Mombasa Magistrate Diana Mochache at the Shanzu Law Courts, is accused of withholding information about Tasnim Yakub, one of the three slain female suspected terrorists, behind the foiled attack at the police station on September 11.

Saggar, however, denied the charges and has since been remanded for three more days.

Seven other suspects have since been arrested in connection with the attack that left several police officers injured.

Rogo’s widow was arrested at her Kikambala home in Kilifi County last week.

Police said that evidence linking her to the three women who were killed in the foiled attack was discovered.

Her bond application will be heard on Monday, September 23.

Patrick Kanga contributed to this report