Reward trip turns tragic as schoolboys drown in Mombasa

Reward trip turns tragic as schoolboys drown in Mombasa

Two families from Momwe village in Othaya, Nyeri County are mourning the death of their only sons after they drowned in a swimming pool in Mombasa during a reward trip.

One of the boy’s parents, Paul Bari, had decided to take the two boys on a vacation after they scored exceptional marks in their exams.

Laurence Mwangi, a KCPE candidate at Gaturuturu Primary School, and his cousin Gachina Bari, a Standard Seven pupil from Momwe Primary School, had scored 389/500 and 379/500 marks respectively.

Bari says the two boys, who were an inseparable pair, had big plans for their future.

“Mwangi had always wanted be a neurosurgeon and Gachina wanted to be a pilot. We had a lot of expectations from them because they were our only sons. Their performance was promising,” Bari recounted sorrowfully.

The families of the two boys had retreated to one of the hotels in Mombasa after a Mashujaa Day tour of the city. The two boys then decided to go swimming in the deep end of the pool, and that is when they drowned.

One woman saw the incident from afar, and she rushed to help the boys. By the time she swam to the boys, they had already passed away.

The two were rushed to hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

Anthony Maina, a leader from Othaya, asked parents and teachers to be extra cautious when they take students for trips.

He also asked hotels to hire qualified lifeguards, as such individuals could help avert such crises.

The bodies of the deceased  are  at the Outspan Funeral Home in Nyeri awaiting burial.

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