Revealed: Lapses in the Kericho bus accident

Revealed: Lapses in the Kericho bus accident

Investigations in the Kericho bus accident have just begun but authorities are making it categorical that there were obvious lapses.

“Whereas the bus had a valid daytime road service license, it was not licensed to operate at night and was therefore operating illegally,” the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) said.

His sentiments caused uproar in Parliament on Thursday with lawmakers criticising the authority as to how the bus was operational for several months eventually killing 56 people.

It has also emerged that the bus was only licensed to carry 62 passengers but on the ill-fated night, the vehicle had 71 people on board.

NTSA Director General Francis Meja however said it was difficult to tell whether the bus was overloaded because some of the passengers were children, a statement that has also elicited mixed reactions.

His assertion is contradicted by the survivors of the horrific crash with some saying they were forced to sit on the floor.

“Who is going to stop this road carnage because all we are seeing is blame game: from the CS, to the Inspector General to the NTSA,” members of the National Assembly posed.

Report by Enock Sickolia