Revealed: Bob Collymore knew he had less than a month to live

Revealed: Bob Collymore knew he had less than a month to live

Citizen TV News Anchor Jeff Koinange has come out to reveal that deceased Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore was aware of his impending demise and was ready for it.

Speaking on Day Break show on Monday, the prominent media personality narrated his last moments with Collymore during a lunch get-together at his (Collymore’s) Nairobi home on Saturday June 29, 2019.

According to Mr. Koinange, Collymore had previously revealed to him as well as a few close friends that he had been informed by his doctors that he did not have a long time to live.

The Jeff Koinange Live host however stated that the news did not shake Collymore’s spirit, adding that he was prepared for the end.

“…he had been told by his doctors not to make any long-term plans; in fact he was told if he makes it past July he’ll be lucky. So he knew. I have never seen anyone prepared for death like I did this man,” said Koinange.

“He kept saying ‘I’ve lived a good life, I have some regrets, it’s not a perfect life…nobody’s perfect, but I’m ready now.’”

He had been told by his doctors not to make any long-term plans… #DayBreak

— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) July 1, 2019

Koinange added that, occasionally during the get-together, Collymore would experience some pain on his spine and get up and stretch before sitting back down to engage with them.

Later on in the evening, he (Collymore) walked them back to their vehicles and, as they left his home, they promised to visit him again during the course of the week; only to receive a call Monday morning that he had passed.

Koinange also narrated his first ever meeting with the deceased back when he used to host a TV show at another media house.

He revealed that he at first thought Collymore was a bodyguard to then Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph who was his guest on the show on that day since he (Collymore) had earpieces on similar to ones worn by security personnel.

It was only after the interview that Michael Joseph, now Kenya Airways Board Chairman, introduced Collymore to Koinange as an employee at their Vodacom offices in South Africa.

“Weeks later they make the announcement that MJ (Michael Joseph) has done his 10 years and his successor is about to be named…and the successor appeared on the screen; it was that ‘bodyguard’,” said Koinange.

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