Reshuffling County Cabinets Contest Headed For Senate

The Siaya County Assembly Speaker George Okode will be petitioning the Senate to seek clarification on the procedures of vetting the CECs.

Mr. Okode said there is a need for clarification on whether CEC members need to be subjected to fresh vetting whenever they are reshuffled.

The matter has attracted a heated contest with a section of leaders and constitutional bodies supporting or opposing the vetting process.

The Constitution Implementation Commission (CIC) Chairman Charles Nyachae argues that Governors can just reshuffle the CECs without necessarily going through the County Assemblies. He says that this is an administrative duty set constitutionally.

However, Okode argues that the matter is highly contested and requires varied interpretations.


He said that the County Assemblies will petition the Senate to put clarity to that provision of the law.

While on engagement with the Siaya County Assembly on the issue mid this month, Mr. Nyachae said the vetting process should be done only in respect with appointment of an individual to the County Executive Committee (CEC) but not when a reshuffle is done.

Nyachae stated that the approval process by the County Assemblies is only done at the point of appointment and once that has been done within the confines of the constitution on the County Government Act, the Governor should be at liberty to reshuffle or reassign the CEC members as he wish.  

By Maureen Murimi

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