‘Report me to DCI,’ Uhuru tells politicians accusing him of stealing property

‘Report me to DCI,’ Uhuru tells politicians accusing him of stealing property

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged politicians who have in the past accused him of stealing any property to report him and present their evidence to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

The Head of State spoke on Tuesday while officially opening the sixth annual Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga University, Kirinyaga County.

“I heard someone saying that I had stolen somebody else’s property, I want to tell them to go to the DCI offices and report what Uhuru Kenyatta has stolen,” said the President.

“But don’t go round threatening people by mentioning things in funerals, that person who has died will not help you; only the DCI can.”

President Kenyatta also asked leaders to stop politicizing the war on graft, further urging them to leave the fight against the vice to the relevant state agencies.

“This war (on graft) will not be won in funerals and weddings or anywhere else, we have those who have been tasked with the responsibility of fighting that battle. And I, as well as other Kenyans, believe that those people are capable of doing that work,” he stated.

The Commander-in-Chief reiterated that the fight against corruption does not target any specific individual or community, adding that “it is war against a crime that robs us the opportunity to build a nation with shared prosperity for all.”

He further assured Kenyans that his government had put in place a proactive asset recovery program that will serve to guard the public purse.

President Kenyatta added that the program would ensure that those who benefited from proceeds of economic crime from the national or county government tills in the past surrender their ill-gotten gains to the people.

“I call on all Governors to join me in this generational struggle where we must emphatically say No to corruption and reign in on the corrupt within our respective governments with this shared renewed zeal,” said the President.