Relief as court reinstates former KQ flight attendant in khat row

Relief as court reinstates former KQ flight attendant in khat row

The national carrier has been ordered to recall a former KQ flight attendant whose services had been terminated over alleged possession of khat at Heathrow International Airport.

Justice Bryam Ongaya quashed a decision to term the period from the date of Anastacia M. Muli’s termination to re-engagement as leave days without pay.

“The respondent (KQ) is to re-engage the grievant in the position of in-flight Attendant at the prevailing remuneration and benefits or in work comparable to in-flight attendant, or other reasonably suitable work, at substantially the same remuneration and benefits,” he ruled.

The court order is to be effective from July 1, 2019 and Anastacia M. Muli, the former employee, was to report to the Kenya Airways for appropriate assignment.

According to Justice Ongaya, it was not established that the grievant had used khat while on duty.

In December 6, 2014, it was alleged that Muli had been in possession of 3kilograms of khat and reportedly not declared it.

The immigration officer on duty claimed that she intended to evade payment of tax and chargeable duty which was an offence under section 170(2) and (3) of the Customs and Exercise Management Act, 1979.

On December 17 the same year, KQ decided to take disciplinary action against her after an apparent admission to using a prohibited substance that could produce mood changes or distort perceptions in humans and all of which were contrary to her terms and conditions of service.

”Muli was culpable of smuggling of goods; engaging in conduct likely to bring the respondent into disrepute; breach of professionalism and courtesy,” a report from KQ reads.

However in her defence, Muli stated that she was using the khat as it enabled her to work.

“The issues I have been going through are personal in nature and were not easy to share and it was my sincere hope that I was going to overcome. It is my humble plea for forgiveness and to be accorded the help that I need to overcome my challenges. I promise this will not happen again, and will always follow the rules and regulations stipulated of the different countries we fly to,” said Muli.