Raila Odinga’s ‘invisible’ hand in PAC report – ex-CS Anne Waiguru

Raila Odinga’s ‘invisible’ hand in PAC report – ex-CS Anne Waiguru

The report by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal was fabricated in a bid to serve the interests of NASA Principal Raila Odinga, former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has said.

In an interview with TV host Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV, Wednesday evening, Waiguru said that despite having no evidence, NASA members in PAC, pushed through with preconceived recommendations to frustrate a defamation suit that she has filed against Raila.

“I have sued Raila Odinga for defamation because he was the first person to link me to the NYS scandal thus creating a national discourse especially among his followers,” said Waiguru, who is the Jubilee candidate for Kirinyaga governorship seat.

“You would therefore expect the claims he made in Kibra and Uhuru Park that I stole Ksh1 billion at the NYS to have evidential backing; and that is what I want him to produce in court.”

“It is not a coincidence that a week after Raila Odinga petitioned the court to order a fresh lifestyle audit on me, PAC came up with recommendations also demanding the same.

She stated that Raila’s pronouncements must have been driven by the embarrassment she must have caused him after launching projects to improve the standards of living in his home constituency of Kibera.

“It was a huge embarrassment for Raila that after only three years I was able to transform lives in Kibera through development projects, yet he had not done anything for the people in the 20 years he served as MP,” she said.

Waiguru stated that the NYS scandal narrative is convenient for NASA brigade because they have anchored their entire campaign on corruption in Jubilee government with her as the face of corruption in the country.

“NASA has resolved to fight tooth and nail to make sure the allegations against me stick, because if they don’t it will be a huge embarrassment to Raila and a blow to their campaign.”

She further stated that PAC proceedings were a clear example of political witch-hunt saying after interrogating 47 witnesses and holding 50 sessions, the committee could not find a shred of evidence that linked her to the loss of public money at the NYS.

“In my petition in court, I have clearly stated that DCI had found that Kabura’s affidavit was fake and even recommended that she be charged for lying under oath. PAC, however, decided to ignore these recommendations and went ahead to use her affidavit, which in law cannot be used as evidence, to make their conclusions.”

“It was convenient for the members of NASA coalition in PAC to align their recommendations with Raila’s petition to gain favour from the ODM leader and endorsements in their respective political races.

“If you look at proceedings in court, you will notice that Raila is making incessant attempts to have the case terminated so that he will not have to come and answer questions on what evidence he has to back his defamatory claims.”

She said that she will not relent in her effort to put Raila to task over his defamatory claims, adding that her frantic efforts to fight the baseless claims against her is aimed at encouraging Kenyans who feel disenfranchised to stand up and fight against oppression by the seemingly powerful in the society.

“The only thing that will save Raila from coming to the dock and saying why he defamed me is if he becomes president, which he will not. I know that because the numbers tell us so.”

She noted that she was an easy target for enemies of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jubilee government owing to her fast-rising profile as a development-focused cabinet secretary.

During her tenure, Waiguru received 15 awards in recognition of her efforts to improve the lives of youth and women through targeted Funds and better service delivery through Huduma Centres.

She said that NASA has propagated a well-orchestrated narrative that has deliberately ignored the fact that the Ksh791 million which was stole at the NYS was recovered.

“This is the first time that stolen money has been recovered and it is because I moved with speed and invited the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to investigate fraudulent transactions at the NYS. But no one is talking about that because it ruins NASA’s narrative.”

Ms Anne Waiguru observed that Raila’s obsession with her lifestyle and demands that a fresh audit be done is advised by his perception that she has bought property and made mega investments.

“A lifestyle audit was already done by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and thorough investigations carried out by the DCI, but they could not find anything linking me to the NYS scandal.

“I was even cleared and was heading back to government but some individuals who had been sent home after they were named in the EACC list of shame crafted a fake affidavit under Josephine Kabura’s name just to stir up the debate.”

“I have not bought anything and even my loan has been halted since I couldn’t pay it after leaving government. A fresh lifestyle audit will therefore not unearth anything that will help Raila’s case,” Ms Anne Waiguru remarked.