Raila Odinga admitted to Nairobi Hospital, family says

Raila Odinga admitted to Nairobi Hospital, family says

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has been admitted to the Nairobi Hospital with general fatigue and body aches, his family has said.

In a telephone interview with Citizen Digital on Wednesday, Oburu Odinga- the former Prime Minister’s elder brother- said there was no need for alarm.

Oburu claimed that as of Tuesday night when he left the hospital, the results of a medical test which included a COVID-19 test were not yet in.

While watering down claims that the ODM leader had contracted COVID-19, Oburu said the 2022 presidential hopeful had not exhibited any symptoms that pointed at a respiratory disease.

“I was there with him last night, but the medical tests had not come back on COVID-19 but from what I observed, he did not have breathing complications or chest pains, just general fatigue and body aches,” Oburu told Citizen Digital.

He added:

“Everyone falls sick, there is nothing to mourn about or be sad about because everyone falls sick, there is really nothing serious Raila’s admission to hospital,”

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