Public offices in Murang’a unsafe, warns safety department

Public offices in Murang’a unsafe, warns safety department

Many government offices together with private buildings within Murang’a town lack effective fire extinguishers putting the premises at risk in case of fire outbreak.

An inspection conducted by officers from the Department of Occupational and Safety in the Labour Ministry revealed some fire extinguishers mounted in various government offices have already expired and cannot help to put off inferno.

Murang’a Occupation and Safety officer Mr. Ondimu Simba said that government officers have ignored matters of disaster management within their offices.

He noted that most of the fire extinguishers have not been serviced since the time they were mounted in the offices, insisting that regular servicing of the firefighting equipment is crucial to ensure fire outbreak is dealt with promptly.

“We have visited various public and private offices only to find fire extinguishers mounted there are expired, others have never been serviced since the time they were installed,” said Mr. Simba.

He further added that; “A good percentage of public and private organisational work places within Murang’a are in bad conditions when it comes to disaster management preparedness.”

Mr. Simba called upon public officers and members of staff working private firms to keenly take advice from the experts to make their offices conducive to users.

“We shall intensify inspection and ensure our recommendations are followed, failure to which the owners will be dealt with,” said Ondimu.

He also revealed that Gacharage tea factory in Kigumo was last year rated the best countrywide on safety and occupation only after the management acted on recommendations given by the experts.


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