Nancy Karigithu reappointed for 2nd term to WMU Board in Sweden

Nancy Karigithu reappointed for 2nd term to WMU Board in Sweden

Nancy Karigithu has been reappointed for a second term to the World Maritime University (WMU) Board based in Sweden.

According to the Maritime and Shipping Department, the PS will serve in this capacity for another four years.

“”Congratulations for your commitments and dedication to the growth of WMU,” said Kitack Lim, the university’s Secretary General.

Before joining government, PS Karigithu worked as a short term legal expert for the European Union (EU) project Critical Maritime Routes.

Out of her 30 years of working experience, 26 of them are in the Maritime industry.

She was the Director General (DG) of the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) where she served for nine years.

She has also worked as a Stint State Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General and as Senior Legal Officer at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) where she rose to the post of an acting Assistant Corporation Secretary.

PS Karigithu also set up the Association of Women in the Maritime Sector in Eastern & Southern Africa (WOMESA) where she served for two terms as a Chairperson and now sits on the governing council.

WOMESA is a first regional body which brings together women professionals in the maritime sector of 26 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

In November 2019, she received an honorary fellowship from WMU in Malmo, Sweden for her distinguished service in the maritime sector.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Nairobi and a Master’s degree in International Maritime law from the IMO International Maritime Law Institute, Malta.