Private security guards in Kenya to be armed with guns

Private security guards in Kenya to be armed with guns

Security guards at the mall, hospital or bank you frequent will in the coming days be armed with a gun as authorities have acknowledged they are the first line of defence in the event of an attack.

“We are going to be issuing firearms to security guards and also ensure their welfare is catered for including minimum wage bill in line with Employment Act of 2007,” Private Security Regulatory Authority CEO Fazul Mahamud said.

During a meeting with heads of different private security firms in Nairobi on Friday, the CEO said prior to the issuance of guns, guards will be subjected to a mandatory training on counter terrorism strategies, how to engage assailants while minimising casualties and even calling for reinforcement.

The regulatory authority will also engage national intelligence service, the DCI, national police and national industrial training authority in vetting and designing a curriculum tailored for security guards in different key installations.

Currently there are about 500,000 working as private security guards in various security firms across the country.

Mr. Mahamud has assured their leaders that in line with Employment Act of 2007, a minimum wage and overtime compensation will be settled on as well as mandatory provision for of insurance cover for members of the Kenya National Private Security Union.

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