Private importer set to export remaining Sputnik V vaccine doses from Kenya

Private importer set to export remaining Sputnik V vaccine doses from Kenya

The decision to ban the importation, distribution and use of the Sputnik V vaccine led to controversy in the country with the Ministry of health shifting goal posts repeatedly, at first acknowledging presence of the vaccine and later denying knowledge of how the vaccine came to be in the country.

Health Ministry CAS Dr Rashid Aman told the Senate Health Committee in an online session that the National Emergency Response Committee NERC, received reports that the accredited distributors engaged in marketing of the vaccine contrary to the guidelines of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and that the jab was administered in facilities without accreditation including peoples homes

“The committee received reports that the appointed distributors were engaged in marketing of the vaccine in contravention of the guidelines issued by the Pharmacy and poisons board,”Dr. Aman said on Thursday.

The members of the committee however declined to admit a statement which CS Mutahi Kagwe failed to append his signature to, with CAS Aman signing on his behalf.

The MoH insists importation of the vaccines will be the prerogative of the government, at least in the foreseeable future.

“The committee noted that the gains made in the fight against the pandemic will be lost in the event that counterfeit vaccines gain entrance into Kenya,” Dr. Aman added

527 people have so far received the Sputnik V vaccine and will still receive the requisite second dose.

The rest of the doses are reportedly in the process of being shipped out following the ban and a push by the importers to cut on the losses of importation,

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has recorded a passivity rate of 14.9% in the latest Covid-19 figures, with new infections at 1,698 people out of a sample of 11,352 tested in the last 24 hours

16 fatalities have been recorded one being in the last 24 hours and 15 recorded as late audits, the total fatalities now stand at 2,292.

456 patients have recovered, with 1620 patients being admitted across various facilities; 235 of who are on ICU support.

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