Justice Marete Njagi put to task over locking up court staff for noise making

Justice Marete Njagi put to task over locking up court staff for noise making

Justice Marete Njagi was on Thursday put to task over an incident in which he locked up a court staff for noise making during a session.

Justice Njagi, who appeared before the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for vetting for the post of Chief Justice, said the noise making had been going on for over six months before he finally decided to put an end to it.

He told the interview panel that the staff had become a nuisance to his fellow judges hence he had to put a stop to the noisemaking habit.

“There was noise along the corridors and I was not able to continue so I sent a clerk to bring the person making noise and he was finally charged with contempt. I stopped the court, deferred proceedings and dealt with the matter, got the person arrested and brought to court and I said put him in and we resumed court,” he said.

“If you read the ruling clearly you would appreciate this is not one day matter but one that has gone on for six months. The Chief Magistrates had taken steps to fight this menace and it would not go away. So for a long time we had this issue and it was not going to go away.”

Justice Marete also, controversially, told the JSC panel that his wife has to be paid by his employer since she acts as his aide.

He stated that he suffers from a medical condition known as hypoglycemia as well as diabetes hence he “cannot live alone whatsoever.”

“It is a matter of concern (having an aide) but when I become Chief Justice and move to Nairobi, it will not be an issue anymore. My issue of hypoglycemia is a medical issue which everybody should pay attention to,” he said.

“We have a home in Nairobi and a home in Chuka. When you take me to Kericho, my spouse has to accompany me. When I take any work-related trip, she must accompany me on medical grounds. This lady is following me, no one is taking care of her. She has a home to take care of. She has her own issues, she has her own interests, why wouldn’t you compensate her?”

Justice Marete further denied having any mental issues as had been indicated on his application, adding that it was an error.

“I have no mental issues. There was an error on my card and I have never had the time to correct the issue. I highlighted I have visual disability and diabetes, low blood sugar from time to time,” he stated.

The judge further told the panel that he is best suited to replace retired Chief Justice David Maraga in the position because “Daring is my other name, there is nothing that shakes me. This office requires a daring person.”