Politician assaulted in Eastleigh may suffer permanent disability, court told

Politician assaulted in Eastleigh may suffer permanent disability, court told

A medical report tabled at the Makadara Law Courts indicates that Wajir politician Hussein Mohamed may have a permanent disability of 30 percent after he was physically assaulted by a man in Eastleigh, Nairobi in September 2017.

Magistrate Eunice Kimaiyo on Wednesday directed that the politician be subjected to another medical examination since the one tabled in court could not be relied on.

“This is not an independent report because the defense said doctor Joab Bodo who conducted the examination on November 23, 2018 is personal,” said Kimaiyo.

In the case, Jamal Mohamed, who is also an American citizen, is charged with assaulting and causing grievous harm to politician Hussein.

The accused is alleged to have assaulted him outside a Mosque leaving him with serious injuries on the left leg.

He allegedly committed the offence on September 17 at Eastleigh 7th street in Kamukunji. He was also charged with being in Kenya illegally.

Jamal denied the charges and is out on a Kenyan surety bond of Ksh.300,000.

The accused had applied to have Hussein subjected to independent medical examination to shed light on whether such injuries would justify the charge of assault and causing grievous bodily harm.

The medical report by Doctor Joab Bodo indicated that Hussein will not be able to get full flexion in the left knee joint despite active physiotherapy.

Bodo indicated that the victim will have early Osteoarthritis in his joint as a consequence of the injury he sustained, and he will have a permanent disability (maim) of 30 percent.

“The last check X-ray left knee joint taken on November 23, 2018 is reported as bone union is still progressing but not complete,” said Doctor Bodo.

The doctor in his report had said that after the admission at Agha Khan Hospital on December 11, 2017, Hussein was walking with the aid of crutches with no weight bearing on the left leg.

He said that he continued to review the patient regularly until January 31, 2018 when light bearing was commenced.

Magistrate Kimaiyo has directed that the victim be subjected to another medical doctor and not Bodo because he is a personal doctor to Hussein.

Jamal wanted the court to direct that the examination be conducted within 14 days because he is not a Kenyan and he wants to go back to U.S.

The examination according to the court will be conducted in a months time and all the parties should be involved.

The matter will be mentioned on January 21, 2018.