Police question people who interacted with Bashir Mahmoud before his disappearance

Police question people who interacted with Bashir Mahmoud before his disappearance

Described as a jovial man by his lawyers, Bashir’s disappearance has puzzled even those investigating the case.

According to Kabete sub-county police commander Francis Wahome, several people who last interacted with the missing businessman engineer Mohamud Bashir, have already recorded statements.

Police are also probing how Bashir’s vehicle a Range Rover was found burnt in Kibiku three days after his disappearance and the shell carted away in less than an hour after a police officer from Kibiku police post visited the scene and went back to alert the scene of crime officers only to find the place wiped clean.

Bashir’s lawyers now claim there were suspicious activities at the Miale lounge where the structural engineer and director of infinity development limited , was last seen.

“You realise in various instances there are a couple of people who are triangulating and they were on mobile telephones and conversations are ongoing and everyone looks quite jittery it looks as though they are watching out waiting for something to happen,” Alibaya Hassan, the businessman’s lawyer said.

CCTV footage captured Bashir leaving the lounge at around 6:50pm.

A few seconds after leaving his vehicle he stopped, his car seemingly obstructed by another vehicle.

There was a traffic snarl-up on the left lane and no vehicles are seen moving from the right side a clear indication that a vehicle had blocked the road.

Curious pedestrians are seen looking at what could be a commotion near Bashir’s car.

Reports indicate that Bashir had tried to call his wife but the call was interrupted and his phone was soon after turned off …

“Our firm has handled a few ATPU matters and so that was our first suspicion that probably there could be a suspicion from his end and that they are conducting investigation at times they do such a thing they hold you for 24/48 hours and particularly once counsel comes nobody it just wraps up,” Mr Hassan added.

The family which says information on his whereabout’s has not been forthcoming from the local authorities has since written to the us embassy requesting for assistance in “obtaining information within the custody of the government regarding the whereabouts of Bashir.

They are also seeking to obtain all information regarding the investigations, disappearance of Bashir, obtain an unequivocal written communication from the government confirming whether Bashir is in their custody or not and if the answers are in affirmative they obtain information with regards to the date, time and place where he was apprehended, the location where he is being held, the reasons why he is in custody and being held incommunicado and a detailed exposition as to how his inherent human rights have been protected all this while in custody. ”

The 35-year-old American citizen had interests in construction projects and has been working on different government projects in Kiambu and Nyeri Counties.


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