Police issue terror alert ahead of Easter festivities

Police issue terror alert ahead of Easter festivities


In what presents as an intelligence-led war on terror, police have released faces and names of nine Al Shabaab militants who are suspected to be en route to Kenya to execute a planned terror attack.

The nice include, Issa Abdallah Kauni, Suleiman Irungu Mwangi, Juma Otit Ayub, Ahmed Tajir Wahome,  Abdullahi Jarso Kottola, Abdikadir Abubakar, Gufu Tari Guvu, Ahmed Said Omar and Faud Abubakar Manswab.

The inspector general of police, Joseph Boinnet, has called on Kenyans to be on the look out for the suspects and report to authorities should they have any information that will lead to their arrest.

This comes barely two weeks after police arrested a most wanted suspected terrorist identified as Ali Hussein Ali in a major operation in Kenya.

The suspect, who is also known as ‘Trusted One’, is said to have been involved in major human smuggling and terrorism financing activities in more than five countries.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Kenya National Police Spokesman George Kinoti said Ali has links with ISIS and Al-shabaab terror groups and has been linked to the Magafe human smuggling network in Libya.

“ The suspect was nabbed together with his accomplices Ibrahim Abasheikh Mukhtar and Abdi Mohamed Yusuf aka Dader in Malindi during a joint operation carried out by security agencies on 27th March 2017”, Kinoti said.

According to police, Ali was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. He moved to Kenya in 2010 under the pretext of being a tourist and then to South Africa, Sudan and finally ended up in Tripoli, Libya where he was recruited to join ISIS.

Kinoti added that Ali sneaked back to Kenya last year where he became a key agent of ISIS and the Magafe human smuggling network.

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