Police intensify search for wanted fugitive killer policewoman Caroline Kangogo

Police intensify search for wanted fugitive killer policewoman Caroline Kangogo

In Sengre village, Kabondo Kasipul, Homa Bay County, the family of slain police constable John Ogweno is coming to terms with the death of their son.

To the father Edward Ombai, Caroline was unknown to them but to the deceased’s wife Juliet Ogweno, the suspected killer cop made contact on multiple occasions, the most recent being 3 days before the unfortunate incident.

“On Saturday, she called during the day akaniambia John will come to the kids’ graduation this Saturday, this was the last conversation,” Juliet Ogweno, Constable Ogweno’s wife told Citizen TV.

Juliet, a mother of 2 children did not suspect any ongoing relationship between the 2, but the friendly frantic calls by Caroline would send her into a panic when their children became part of the conversation.

“I took things lightly….. He asked how the kids are and asked the kids to come to Nakuru, to me, I wasn’t interested with giving her my kids ni vile sikutaka maneno mini, nikimwamvia akitaka amkujie tu haina shida,” she added.

Constable John Ogweno was enlisted in the National Police Service in 2015. Ogweno was recently interviewed for the Cadet Inspector’s Position and was to be promoted to the position of inspector.

The father Edward Ombai a sergeant at Ibrikani, termed his son as a secretive gentleman whose death came too soon.

Meanwhile, in Trans Nzoia County, a middle-aged woman Phanice Chemutai is nursing serious injuries at the Kitale County Referral Hospital after she was shot by a man, for allegedly resembling the said suspect Caroline Kangogo

According to a police report obtained by Citizen Digital, the woman, Phanice Chemutai of Kaboiywo village, had allegedly been bugging Ken Muyondo, a licensed firearm holder, to meet in the market.

According to the report, Mr Muyundo reported the incident to the Kiminini police station, where he said he suspected the caller to be the rogue cop and himself to be her next victim.

Mr. Muyondo is said to have fired a single shot during the planned meeting at the said market to warn the said woman.

The woman would be arrested shortly after.

“The OCS arranged a team and laid a trap and the lady met with the reportee who fired a single shot to scare her and she was arrested,” the police report says.

Following her interrogation, she told the police officers that she had met Mr. Muyondo several days earlier at the same market, where they exchanged numbers, prompting her to call several times.

Meanwhile, Kangogo is still at large with reports indicating that her phone signal was traced to Kisumu on Friday.