Police in Kisumu kill two suspected criminals, recover guns

Police in Kisumu kill two suspected criminals, recover guns

Police in Kisumu have shot dead two suspected criminals and recovered two homemade guns at Manyatta and Migosi areas.

According to the county administration police commandant Joseph Keitany, the two suspects have been terrorising the locals for a long time with several cases involving them reported at the station.

The operation was held on Wednesday at 8pm and 2am respectively.

He noted that one of the suspects identified as Ochono, alongside two of his accomplice escaped on a motorbike after they were ambushed planning to rob an M-Pesa shop in Gesoko, Manyatta area.

In Migosi area however two suspects armed with AK47 riffle, homemade pistol and a Machete engaged police officers and exchanged fire leading to the death of one of the officers.

The AP boss said the public has played a vital role in calming the city as they always offer proper leads to the officers on time.

This comes barely a week after a suspected bank robber was killed by police at Equity bank in Kisumu after his attempt to rob from the bank hit a snag.

Kisumu residents milled around the bank for about an hour demanding to see the robbers whom they said had caused them sleepless nights.

Nyanza Police coordinator Willy Lugusa said that the robber who was gunned down had used a toy pistol to command the staff to open the bank’s safe.

The locals had frequently complained over increased cases of insecurity which made them stage three demonstrations in the last two months.

The incident comes even as the 2015 road safety and crime indicates that violent and fatal criminal attacks, including home invasions, burglaries, armed carjacking, grenade attacks, and kidnappings can occur at any time and in any location, particularly in Nairobi, and other major cities including Mombasa and Kisumu.

The report shows that in virtually every instance criminals use weapons to carry out crime and they would not hesitate to shoot a victim who is uncooperative or who may appear to hesitate before complying with their demands.

It further unveils that victims of carjacking are sometimes tied up and put at the back seat or trunk of their own car. However, most victims, if they are completely cooperative, are robbed of their possessions and released unscathed.

Street crime is a serious problem and more acute in Nairobi and other major cities. Most street crime involves multiple armed assailants. In some instances, large crowds of street criminals incite criminal activity, which has the potential to escalate into mob-like violence with little notice.

The report also indicates that along with other crimes of opportunity, pickpockets and thieves, they often carry out snatch-and-grab attacks in crowded areas and from idle vehicles in traffic.