Police detain woman accused of plotting to steal a baby at KNH

Police detain woman accused of plotting to steal a baby at KNH

Police in Kilimani,Nairobi, are holding a woman accused of attempting to steal a baby from the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) on Thursday.

Elizabeth Musembi was arrested and detained at Kenyatta National Hospital police post after security guards at the facility informed the police of a woman who had tried to pass herself off as a maternity patient.

She was armed with an antenatal booklet at the time of arrest.

She could have easily passed for a heavily pregnant woman about to go into labor, but do not be fooled—the woman, Elizabeth Musembi, was caught red handed disguised as a pregnant patient ready to be admitted into the labor ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Her plan according to the police, was to get into a maternity ward and steal a baby

“Information had been leaked to us and we indeed confirmed that that is not a genuine pregnancy,” Kilimani OCPD, Andrew Mbogo said on Friday

The suspect said she did so in a desperate attempt to get a baby after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive

“Niko na shida ya kupata mtoto…nilizungumza na mama fulani aliniambia atanizalia…

” the suspect said.

“Mimi naskianga Kenyatta ina watu ambao wanapata watoto na wanawaacha,”

She claims she made her way to Kenyatta National Hospital to enquire if she could be given an abandoned baby to take care of. Police however believe otherwise. .

“We strongly believe she would have left the hospital facility with a child not her own,” Mbogo added

She was arrested on Thursday armed with antenatal clinic papers that she claims were given to her by a woman who had promised to deliver a baby she did not want and hand it over to her …

“We are taking her for medical tests before court then prefer charges against her in court,” the police boss added.

She will be arraigned in court on Monday to face charges of among others; the offence of conspiracy to effect unlawful purpose contrary to section 395 (f) of the Penal Code.