Police Constable Morongo arrested over murder of colleague at Wilson Airport

Police Constable Morongo arrested over murder of colleague at Wilson Airport

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Tuesday arrested police Constable Samson Morongo in connection with the murder of his colleague at Wilson airport.

This was after investigations revealed that the accused allegedly shot dead his colleague Constable Stephen Mukangi and later faked it on an attack by unknown gunmen.

The incident is reported to have occurred on July 27 2019 at Wilson Airport while the two GSU officers were on duty.

In a statement, the DCI debunked earlier reports saying that a forensic analysis placed Constable Morongo at the scene of crime.

The accused clothes which were taken to the government chemist also tested positive to gunshot residue turning the case into a homicide.

“…The suspect’s clothes were subjected to Gunshot Residue Test at the Government Chemist and it tested positive, hence placing the suspect in very close proximity to the shooting scene,” read the statement in part.

According to earlier reports, Constable Morongo told police that two men masquerading as police officers approached them claiming to be in need of their assistance.

The two attackers, who he claimed were in police uniform, asked the two GSU officers to help them attend to a vehicle which had stalled along the Southern bypass.

It was during their effort to help them, reported Constable Morongo, that two other men also dressed in police attire emerged from a nearby bush, triggering a shootout that left Constable Mukangi dead.

Morongo further reported that the four attackers were terrorists and that they took away their two AK47 riffles loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition each.

“After killing his colleague, PC Morongo went ahead to make a report that they had been attacked by unknown people-who killed his colleague and took their firearms,” said the DCI.

On July 30,2019 Morongo was detained for 14 days by a Nairobi court after Anti-Terrorism Police Investigator applied to hold the suspect pending investigations into alleged terror activities as well as Mkangi’s murder.

He is still in police custody.

His case is set for mentioning on August 12, 2019.