Pokot elders curse leaders planning to rig elections

Pokot elders curse leaders planning to rig elections

West Pokot elders solitary held prayers at Nasukuta where they prayed for peace in Kenya and cursed leaders with intentions to rig elections.

Over 2,500 elders from Baringo, West Pokot, Laikipia and Uganda cursed leaders with motives to rig elections hence leading to violence in the county.

West Pokot was ranked among the hot spot regions by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) with a possible eruption of conflict preceding the August 8 election.

The elders arrived at Nasukuta on Sunday evening and spent the whole night praying for peace in the country before slaughtering a bull on Monday morning.

The occasion was attended by senior elders from Pokot community. Women, youths and journalists were not allowed to access the sacred venue where they held the prayers.

Journalists were only allowed to watch and take photographs of the event few metres from the sacred venue beside a river.

Speaking to Citizen Digital after the prayers, one of the elders Yaralima Chesira said they decided to hold the prayers after the county was ranked among hot spot areas where skirmishes were likely to occur.

Chesira said they had cursed any leader who will rig the elections since they did not want to see any bloodshed.

“Those who will ascent to power by rigging will die before December. We have pleased our gods by slaughtering a bull and I hope our prayers will be answered,” he said.

The elder also said that they prayed for peace in the country so that all political leaders can seek for votes peacefully.

He said Kenyans want to stay in unity and asked those aspiring for various seats to accept the outcome of the results and help those elected in building the nation.

Another elder Christopher Loritakau said that they decided to hold the prayers to save the community from conflicts.

“We have been conflicting with our neighbors over cattle rustling for long and we don’t want to see a repeat of that again,” he said.

Christopher added that currently leaders should focus on developing the region and enhancing peace coexistence with their neighbors.

“The number of schools in this county has increased, illiteracy levels have drastically reduced and we don’t want conflicts to distort the peace were currently enjoying,” he said.

West Pokot leaders led by Senator John Lonyangapuo and former minister Samuel Poghisio also welcomed the move and asked all aspirants in the county to accept the results.

Lonyangapuo dismissed the report that ranked the county as a hot spot area.

“This county is safe and there are no skirmishes going to be experienced in the region,” he said.

Poghisio asked aspirants not to interfere with recruitment of presiding officers since it may trigger conflicts.

“IEBC is an independent body we should allow aspirants to interfere with its mandate,” he said.

Written by Disney Maloba