‘People make choices at the opportune moment,’ DP Ruto says on leaving Jubilee

‘People make choices at the opportune moment,’ DP Ruto says on leaving Jubilee

Deputy President William Ruto has continued to brush off calls for him and his political brigade to officially announce their exit from the Jubilee Party, under which they were elected, instead of criticizing it from within.

Ruto says he is not a guest in Jubilee and that despite appearing as an outsider in the party, it is his own choice whether to remain in Jubilee or leave.

“We are not guests in any place. We join parties by choice and we will leave by choice. Nobody should be bothered or ask anybody why are you still here. People make choices at the opportune moment when they think different choices are necessary,” said the DP.

He was speaking on Thursday after hosting what was termed as a “UDA  Parliamentary Group” meeting at his official residence in Karen.

Addressing the media after the meeting, the UDA parliamentarians termed Jubilee as a “collapsed” political outfit that had “abandoned its agenda,” further accusing the defunct NASA coalition of hijacking the Jubilee agenda.

“The governing Jubilee party has collapsed. The opposition NASA coalition has disintegrated. The Hustler Nation has found a new home in the United Democratic Alliance,” reads the statement in part.

“For the past four years, we have consistently and repeatedly raised concerns and objections to Jubilee’s abandoning of its agenda and solemn commitments upon which it was re-elected in 2017.  Regrettably, the NASA coalition, its principals and their Jubilee collaborators took the government hostage, hijacked its agenda and completely destroyed the governing Jubilee party and dismembered the entire opposition coalition.”

At the event, the UDA leaders continued to tout their ‘bottom-up’ economic model, saying it is the solution to the challenges facing the country including the debt problem and that it would be the highlight of their manifesto.