Parents urged to protect minors from cyber-crimes

Parents urged to protect minors from cyber-crimes

Parents have been urged to champion the cause of protecting children and monitor their digital prowess as they engage with technological trends.

Speaking at the forum, Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Chairman, Mr. Ngene Gituku, said the Authority in collaboration with key stakeholders and other agencies are working in sync to strategize on mechanisms that will address matters pertaining to Child Online Protection.

“Children are becoming the largest consumers of ICT, and the trend comes the increased exposure and to the risks and vulnerabilities to cyber-crimes. We, therefore, insist that there should be a need to develop a platform to protect the children and the youth. Parents should also be watchful of what their children are doing.”

Endorsing the move by CA to uphold cyber security and Child Online Protection, Council of Governors chair Peter Munya, said his government welcomed initiatives such as the one by CA to ensure that counties not only get connectivity and quality ICT services but also make certain that they are working to provide online protection as well.

“We expect to give maximum quickly and easily, we expect to have. We’ll explore ways of consolidating efforts that can help empower children, drive their safety online and also promote responsible use of digital technology.”

Munya also called on National institutions to ensure that they decentralize services or come up with strategies to reach out far flange regions in the country.

“It is not just the county governments that are supposed to devolve services; even national institutions are required to decentralize services, so that people across the country can benefit from their services.”