ODM raises concern over Jubilee ‘lavish’ launch

ODM raises concern over Jubilee ‘lavish’ launch

Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) has raised concern over the amount of money set to be used by Jubilee during their party launch this weekend.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, ODM, through MPs Junet Mohamed (Suna East), Thomas Mwadeghu (Wundanyi), Timothy Bosire (Kitutu Masaba), Abdikadir Ore (Wajir West) and Victor Mwololo questioned the source of funds that Jubilee will use in the party launch calling for a reassurance that their activities will not sink Kenya into debt.

“While we congratulate the coalition (Jubilee) and the general trend toward consolidation of parties for the good of our politics, we find this display of wealth at odds with the state of the nation,” said the MPs.

“In the middle of an economy and a people who are struggling daily, we find it completely unbelievable that a government that has pushed the country deep into debts and is still planning to borrow more, suddenly has the money to splash on a new building, new vehicles, ferrying of delegates and hosting of lavish lunches and dinners, posters for a party yet to be born.”

The opposition made reference to Kenya’s financial troubles of the 1992 and 1997 saying they detect a relocation of the same if Jubilee’s apparent exorbitant expenditures continue.

“We are witnessing the return of the politics of money of the kind last seen in 1992 and 1997. Those who witnessed that era will testify that they would not want it to happen again.”

“We want to challenge Jubilee to explain the source of money it is spending on these projects. After all, majority of the parties that have joined Jubilee are largely briefcase parties that were struggling to even to secure office space just the other day. They can’t be the source of the funds.”

Another concern raised by the party was the funding of delegates who will be attending the three-day conference that starts on Thursday, September 8 to Saturday, September 10, saying such financial muscle could have been abled through alleged theft of public funds.

“We have reason to fear Jubilee is stealing money to finance party activities with billions stolen from public programs like NYS, the SGR, Eurobond, the Laptops project among others.”

“We want Jubilee to assure Kenyans that its activities will not lead to the kind of inflation that was witnessed in this country after the 1992 elections.”

Fielding questions from journalists, Junet said plans for ODM’s 10-year anniversary celebration would be held in Mombasa though maintaining that theirs would be a ‘simple’ affair.

In a quick rebuttal, Jubilee steering committee chair Kiraitu Murungi hit out at ODM over their allegations saying the money being used on the party launch comes from the party and not public coffers.