ODM accused of favouring Mwakwere in Kwale gubernatorial race

ODM accused of favouring Mwakwere in Kwale gubernatorial race

Kwale County Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) supporters have said that the former Kenyan High Commissioner to Tanzania, Chirau Ali Mwakwere, is being favored over other gubernatorial aspirants.

They are now warning of dire consequences if Kwale residents will not be allowed to elect their preferred candidate during party nominations.

Mwakwere is facing competition for ODM ticket from Dr. Issah Chipera, Kwale Speaker Sammy Ruwa, Nicholas Zani, Mohammed Mwachai and Gereza Dena.

A section of ODM leaders have, however, asked Zani to shelve his gubernatorial ambitions and go for the senatorial seat.

Drawn from the entire county, party supporters met yesterday (Saturday) at Ukunda, and resolved to rock the boat from within if Mwakwere will be endorsed.

“Mwakwere has been a Jubilee ambassador till the other day but since he came back he has been welcomed as a hero by the deputy party leader Hassan Joho. Last week he again met Joho in Mombasa which to us shows that there’s favoritism,” said Isaac Rumba, an ODM activist from Kinango Constituency.

They castigated Joho for allowing Mwakwere to speak on behalf of other aspirants during the burial of Senator Boy Juma Boy in Vanga.

Rumba argued that there are signs that other aspirants who have stood with the party from the beginning might be shortchanged.

“We are seeing signs that are showing us that some people are being considered…but because ODM stands for democracy let it remain so. Everyone should face primaries which should be free and fair,” he said.

He warned that if certain politicians will be favored then they will not support the winner.

Rumba added that the secret meetings that are currently going on between Joho and Mwakwere are not good for the party.

He called on openness, by treating all aspirants as equals, so as to be able to beat the incumbent Governor Salim Mvurya.

Ms Joyce Mulwa said that although they have vowed fight for the party, they should not be taken for granted.

Joel Nyanje from Lungalunga noted that he likes the party but warned that if not careful it might lose its popularity.

“I like ODM yes, but what is happening now will dampen our resolve. What we asking is that let Kwale citizens be left alone to pick their leaders without any interference,” said Nyanje.