Odinga Calls For Calm In Kisumu

Asking for calm among the area residents, Odinga said that even in the event that the monument was to be removed, due procedure would have to be followed.

The former premier had made a visit to Kisumu town on his way to the prominent journalist Okungu’s burial.

His pleas fell on deaf ears as the lakeside city residents held their ground, demanding that the monument be brought down.

Protestors had taken to the streets on Friday, engaging the police in running battles as they demanded the monument be brought down claiming it symbolizes idol worship.

The fracas had brought operations in Kisumu town to a standstill as the police used teargas to disperse the demonstrations.

Odinga called on the communities in the county to co-exist in peace, as they have for several decades.

He promised to work with the County Government of Kisumu, to ensure that the matter is brought to rest and a solution reached.

By Diana Kariuki