‘Obado has terrorized Migori for too long,’ ODM maintains impeachment push

‘Obado has terrorized Migori for too long,’ ODM maintains impeachment push

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has maintained that it will proceed with its push for the impeachment of Migori Governor Okoth Obado.

ODM Chairman John Mbadi, addressing the press on Thursday, accused Obado of reigning terror on Migori residents as well as the party leadership.

According to Mbadi, “what Obado is doing in Migori is simply to visit terror on people, and he has done it for far too long, he now even thinks he can visit terror on the party leadership. I want to tell him he’s mistaken.”

He urged the government to provide security to at least 27 Migori MCAs who he said have already signed the petition to remove Obado from office citing intimidation and blackmail.

“We assure ODM MCAs who have signed the petition to remove Obado from office that the party will stand with them fully against attempts by the governor to intimidate and blackmail them,” he said.

“We urge the government to ensure the security of the Migori MCAs and protect them from any form of intimidation and blackmail.”

The party chair stated that ODM’s stand was also informed by allegations of graft and misappropriation of public funds and resources labeled against the governor.

“Relevant Institutions established through investigations that Governor Okoth Obado received millions of shillings in kickbacks from county suppliers and used the money to pay school fees, upkeep, maintenance and medical bills for his children studying in Australia, Scotland and the United Kingdom,” he said.

“These findings have indubitably tainted the governor’s integrity and eroded public confidence in his office, his administration and his ability to serve the people of Migori.”

Mbadi, who is also the Suba South MP, said that by pushing for Obado’s ouster ODM is simply trying “to ensure Migori residents get the services they deserve and which they pay for.”

He further intimated that Governor Obado has been trying to convene a cabinet meeting at his home, adding that this perceived determination to hang on to power will lead to a stagnation in Migori and exacerbate incompetence as well as failed service delivery.

The legislator further cautioned Migori residents from exhibiting any feelings of sympathy towards the governor saying that they must instead treat with contempt his attempts to downplay allegations against him with political innuendos and conjectures.

“He must be starved of the sympathy he fervently seeks, especially from the very people he has ostensibly stolen from. You cannot steal from people and then you seek sympathy from them,” added Mbadi.

“The Ksh.73 million that he is being accused of stealing can pay for a thousand students in Migori County day school fees for one year.”

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