No gov’t service without Huduma card as use of National ID ceases in Dec. 2021

No gov’t service without Huduma card as use of National ID ceases in Dec. 2021

Use of the National ID is to cease starting December 12 next year, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has said.

This as issuance of the Huduma card across the country is set to begin on December 1.

“Vyombo vya serikali na watu wa biashara waanze kuweka teknolojia ile watatumia kwa hii card. Card itakuwa na QR code–ni code ile unaweza kusoma na simu, sio lazima uwe na ile machine. Sasa tumeanza mpango ili ofisi zote za serikali ziwe na hizo machines ndio ukifika huko unatumia card ama unaweka fingerprint, tunajua wewe ni nani na inaleta security na protection,” CS Mucheru said.

The CS stated that in view of the COVID-19 prevention and control protocols, Kenyans will be notified via SMS when and where to pick the cards.

He said those who will receive the notifications will be given one month to pick up their cards.

“Hatutaki watu wote wakuje pamoja. Tutaanza na watu milioni mbili alafu January tutakuwa na watu milioni tatu, February milioni tano,” he added.

The Cabinet Secretary was categorical that as of December 12, 2021, those seeking services from any government office will be required to produce the Huduma Card.

“Only the Huduma Card will help you get services from the government,” he said.

The ICT Cabinet Secretary was speaking during the launch of the Huduma Card in Machakos County on Wednesday.

This follows the fulfillment of the requisite requirements, including the recent appointment and swearing-in of the Data Commissioner, Ms. Immaculate Kassait.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, who also launched the card in Kiambu County on Wednesday, elaborated the President’s vision in establishing the Huduma Namba.

“It has been a long journey. The realization of the Huduma Card is the strongest testament about the leadership of our President and his commitment to liberate this country from the slavery of poor service. This service is revolutionary that is why it is called a Huduma Card,” Dr. Matiang’i said.

He noted that the process of distribution of the cards will continue over the duration of a year in line with the period provided for in the law.

Additionally, the CS stated that there will be another opportunity for mass registration in April 2021, while routine registration will continue thereafter.

“There is an enemy called the file which we are trying to get rid of in public service. The days of lost files, long queues and wastage of time instead of providing efficient service to citizens will be a thing of the past,” said Dr. Matiang’i.

He further averred that the Huduma Namba card, a fully Kenyan-funded and developed solution, will operate as the primary source of data on every citizen and foreigner.

The CS said the integrated database will enable the use of biometric data to identify people and assist them in accessing Government services.

“Data in the Huduma Card is fully confidential and the Government has taken all the necessary technical and legislative measures to make it secure,” he added.

The types of Huduma card issued will include:

  • Minors’ Huduma Card, which will be issued to children who have attained the age of six years;
  • Adults’ Huduma card, issued to citizens who have attained the age of eighteen years;
  • Foreign Nationals’ Huduma card, issued to foreign nationals; and
  • Refugees’ Huduma Card, issued to refugees.

“As with any new breakthrough of this magnitude, we appeal for patience as we roll out distribution throughout the country, and assure each and every person living in Kenya that we are committed to making this transformative process as smooth as possible,” Dr. Matiang’i said.

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