Nelson Havi case against LSK set for January hearing

Nelson Havi case against LSK set for January hearing

A case filed by lawyer Nelson Havi at the High Court seeking to stop the Law Society of Kenya elections will be heard on January 22, 2018.

Judge John Mativo on Thursday directed the city lawyer to file and serve the suit papers to the respondents in Havi’s petition, including LSK.

Once all the interested parties in the case are served with the relevant papers, they will appear on the January 22 date for inter-parte hearing.

Havi wants the court to stop the LSK elections following his name being struck off the law society’s presidential race slated for February 2018.

In the petition filed on Monday, December 18, the city lawyer argues that the decision by LSK to reject his nomination papers on age limit terms is unlawful and of no basis.

Havi argues he is qualified to run for the LSK presidential seat, saying he has attained the 15 years of practice that forms the reason for rejection of his nomination papers.

He also wants the LSK Elections Board to oversee fresh nominations.

Havi’s nomination for the law society’s presidential seat was rejected on eligibility grounds, with the LSK chief executive officer Mercy Wambua writing to inform him of the same on December 13.

Ms. Wambua said on Sunday that persons seeking to run for LSK president must have attained 15 years of legal practice, saying that Havi is set to attain the threshold in mid 2018.

“He (Mr. Havi) does not have the qualifications as outlined in the LSK Act and the Constitution. Having been admitted to the bar on June 12, 2003, he shall have attained the 15-year threshold on June 12, 2018, three months after the elections and two months after presumption of office of the new leaders,” stated Ms Wambua.