Needy woman with 8 kids in Kipipiri now boiling water for their dinner

Needy woman with 8 kids in Kipipiri now boiling water for their dinner

A 63-year-old Mary Muthoni who hails from Kipipiri has appealed to Kenyans for help saying her 8 kids and grandkids are staring into possible starvation.

On Monday, the elderly woman who suffered stroke that has rendered her immobile told Inooro TV that her family only managed boiled water for dinner on Sunday and are unsure of where they will get their next meal.

The new coronavirus pandemic has also made it harder for her family members to do menial jobs and are now just at home hoping for a better day.

At the same time, the family has been unable to get access to face masks as required and some of her grandkids are now wearing masks fashioned from cartons.

The family of 8 is now hoping for well-wishers to come to their rescue saying they do not know where their next meal will come from. Photo: Matheri James

Some of her grandkids have made their face masks from sacks which they fasten to their faces with strips of carton.

The school-going children who are home over the coronavirus pandemic have fashioned masks from pieces of carton. Photo: Matheri James

Citizen Digital understands the woman who has lost two daughters is yet to get the government stipend set aside for needy and vulnerable Kenyans.

The latest comes just a week after it emerged that a mother in Kisauni had boiled stones to make her kids believe she was making dinner.

The revelation painted the stark reality that families of modest means face as they live through the global pandemic that has brought the world to a near-standstill.

Kenya has so far confirmed 465 cases of the coronavirus with the numbers expected to rise in the coming days