Narok residents attack a woman for injuring a minor

Narok residents attack a woman for injuring a minor

A middle-aged woman escaped death by a whisker on Saturday, August 5 when residents of Narok Town descended on her for allegedly injuring an 8-year-old boy’s man-hood.

The elderly woman, owner of the rental houses the boy and his family resides, is said to have inflicted serious wounds on the boy’s private part as well as his back using a knife for unknown reasons.

According to the mother of the victim, Mercy Wairimu, she received a call from her elder daughter that her boy was in pain and bleeding profusely at home and upon arrival, she rushed him to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“It was around 3 pm when my daughter called me to inform on the incident. On reaching home, I found out that my son was cut. I don’t know why she did that because I have never been on the wrong side with the woman,” said Wairimu.

A visibly angry man also alleged that this is not the first time the woman has molested young boys in the area as his son was also a victim.

“The woman is supposed to be jailed for many years so that others of similar behaviors can learn a lesson. This is not the first time she is molesting a boy,” said the man.

The incident was reported to Narok North Police Station.