Nairobi the top tourism capital in Africa, third best in the world

Nairobi the top tourism capital in Africa, third best in the world

World-renowned travel and restaurant website, TripAdvisor has ranked Nairobi the top tourist destination in the Africa and third best in the world.

The website describes Nairobi as an “energetic, modern city that serves as a fascinating introduction to both wildlife and nightlife.”

Among the top destinations frequented by tourists in Nairobi are the Karen Blixen Museum, Giraffe Centre and Nairobi National Park.

So what is it about these locations that seems to be putting the city on the global map? More aptly, what makes Nairobi tick?

Damaris Rotich, a senior curator at the Karen Blixen Museum said that the reason for their global attraction and success is the history behind Karen Blixen herself.

Karen, a famous Danish author, was not only nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, but was also well known for the books she wrote. She published a total of nine books before one was picked up and turned into the famous Oscar award winning movie that is, Out of Africa.

“We are famous because when people come here they get to walk around like Karen did and see how she lived,” Ms Damari said.

Not more than 25 minutes away from the Museum is the Nairobi National Park. Nairobi is the only capital in the world with a National Park within the city. This alone makes any itinerary for any tourist here on a short stay or long stay exciting.

But it’s not just wildlife and museums that seem to make Nairobi tick.

The Allure of Nairobi

TripAdvisor describes Nairobi as a city where “music clubs pulse with life, shops and markets bustle and a mélange of restaurants will tempt your palate.”

Fatuma Hersi, an avid ‘Nairobian’, in agreement noted that Nairobi has so much more to offer.

“Nairobi’s atmosphere caters for a lot of different people. The nightclubs and events such as Koroga, and Thrift social are all really exciting events. I always have somewhere to go over the weekend!.”

Dr Betty Addero Radier, the Chief Executive Office of the Kenya Tourism Board said a lot is currently being done to improve the tourism industry in the city this year.

“Most of our campaigns this year will be online. We’ll be looking at giving more narratives, more positive stories to a lot of audiences online because that is where a lot of travellers are getting their information. We’re also looking at engaging local media and international media more in terms of being able to tell stories about our local tourist sites, said Dr Radier.

Anaylsts last year predicted that this year would see Kenya tourism industry grow remarkably. This was in reaction to a handful of prestigious international awards accorded to several tourist destinations in the country.

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