Nairobi floods: Capital city choking under water

Nairobi floods: Capital city choking under water

In Nairobi, floods have become common place every time it rains.

The ‘Green City in the Sun’ is now a filthy city under water, choked by burst sewer lines and poor or non-existent drainage systems.

So bad is the situation that even the ‘much-hyped’ Standard Gauge Railway line, that was apparently to reduce traffic congestion in the city, suspended operations.

Due to high water levels between Makadara and Imara Daima stations which have rendered the line impassable, the afternoon link train from the CBD to Nairobi Terminus will not be running today,” Kenya Railways said on Tuesday.

— Mary Kulundu (@MaryKulundu) December 4, 2019

Over the weekend, the Aga Khan Hospital in Parklands bore the brunt of the raging waters as a section of the facility became flooded.

Pictures and videos of water flowing down stairs and flooded corridors went viral on social media.

The management later issued a statement that the situation had been handled.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko also said: “Following heavy rains in Nairobi that led to flooding in some parts of the city, our disaster response team managed to respond to emergency cases especially at Aga Khan Hospital in Parklands where normalcy has been restored. I thank the hospital’s management for good coordination.”

On the same day, another video emerged showing a flooded apartment on Likoni Lane in Kilimani estate.

— Kilimani Project Foundation (@kilimanispeaks) November 30, 2019


Inside one of the houses, the living room is flooded with rain water.

The next two days saw residents across the city: from Embakasi to Thika Road and Westlands, posting pictures on social media of flooded roads and open manholes.

Pedestrians and cyclists are also bearing the brunt of the rain: there are few or no walkways in some areas in the city and motorists also speed past, splashing water on them.

The heavy rainfall being experienced in parts of the country is expected to continue throughout the month.


— Brian Harding (@brianpharding) December 1, 2019

— Brian Harding (@brianpharding) December 1, 2019

— Karimi Mwari (@Karey_mwari) December 4, 2019

— Elijah! (@eligithua) December 3, 2019


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