‘My intention haikuwa kukanyanga sufuria ya wamama,’ MP Johana Ng’eno says

‘My intention haikuwa kukanyanga sufuria ya wamama,’ MP Johana Ng’eno says

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno has spoken for the first time since his release from the Nakuru GK remand on Thursday.

The legislator lamented about his arrest and arraignment in court, but steered clear of his court case saying: “what we have in court will dwell in court”.

Ng’eno said his address to the president had been taken out of context and was only a mere reminder to the president to respect the rule of law.

“My intention haikuwa kukanyanga sufuria ya wamama so hold your horses, this war is with the state, It is time to bring our country together he should rethink how we can bring the country together,” Ng’eno said.

He continued: “The President must act and behave as the president, this country must be run by the head of state and the deputy,’.

He vowed to move a motion in parliament that will force a president to work with his deputy even after a fallout.

On name-dropping the former First Lady in the now viral video, Ng’eno reiterated his resolve to ”talk about the ills affecting Kenya now and in the future”.

He also wondered why a section of Kenyans picked an issue with his sentiments, yet he had also mentioned the Rift Valley Regional Commander George Natembeya and the Environment CS Keriako Tobiko.

At the same time, he scoffed at his expulsion from KANU saying since he is a KANU member, his party leader Gideon Moi ought to have apologised on his behalf.

His sentiment was a retort to a section of leaders that had asked DP Ruto to apologise, accusing the DP of failing to reign in his erratic troops.