Mututho questions circumstances leading to death of former employee

Mututho questions circumstances leading to death of former employee

A report on the postmortem conducted on the body of 28-year-old Ben Warui who drowned while swimming in Lake Nakuru Flamingo Lodge on Saturday, December 30 has revealed that the deceased had injuries on his back that may have affected blood flow in his body leading to his death.

Ben Warui died in mysterious circumstances in the hotel’s swimming pool leading to his father, Warui Nyamu to question the cause of his son’s death.

The senior Warui Nyamu on Monday told Citizen Digital that neither the hotel’s management nor the police informed him of the demise of his child and only learnt of the incident through a friend.

“The postmortem on the body was supposed to be done today (Monday) at Umash Funeral Home but as a family we asked for it to be done at another date because we want to know what happened,” said an emotional Mr. Warui.

The late Ben Warui was an employee of John Mututho Empowerment Centre (JOMEC), a rehabilitation owned by former National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) chairperson John Mututho.

Speaking at Umash Funeral Home today, Mututho questioned the circumstances leading to the death of his former employee who he alleged was murdered.

“I will stop at nothing in my quest to know the motive behind killing Ben,” said Mututho.

“It is time now we upgrade our CID to the likes of FBI because so many people are dying but the investigations done are shallow. Not until we respect life in its entirety then shall we continue losing our loved ones. We are also not happy with the way the hotel has handled the matter,” he added.

Mututho eulogized the deceased as a gentleman who was always sober and dedicated to his work.

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