Murathe says DP Ruto should not be President, asks Kenyans to consider Raila

Murathe says DP Ruto should not be President, asks Kenyans to consider Raila

Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe says Deputy President William Ruto is not the suitable person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s News Night show, Murathe said DP Ruto was previously assured of President Kenyatta’s endorsement in the next elections but he (Ruto) changed his ‘character’ along the way, thrusting the UhuRuto marriage on the rocks.

“People go to church and swear before man and God to get married ’till death do you part’ but people still divorce. Politics is dynamic. If you started by behaving well and then you change your character along the way everybody has a right to change mind about the position,” said Murathe.

He added that Ruto jumped the gun by embarking on early campaigns instead on supporting the President in delivering the Jubilee manifesto then wait to be handed the baton for the State House race.

“And in any case this was a person who had been assured of the support of the President. He (Ruto) was asked to let the government deliver on the pledges and promises they made to the people and the president actually said he will personally campaign for him when 2022 comes, but the guy was in such a hurry to inherit the presidency… Even if you are Usain Bolt how do you go and race without a baton?” posed Murathe.

According to the Jubilee Party Vice Chairman, DP Ruto is haunted by a trail of corruption allegations and scandals, hence, should not be the man to succeed President Kenyatta.

“I don’t think he is the right person to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta. And because of the way he has behaved when he is Deputy President. I shudder to think how he will behave when he is President,” said Murathe, one of the President’s close confidantes.

“The President said in Nyeri that the person he will support in 2022 will shock many people. I don’t know who he will support and he has also not said who will support. The President has never and I don’t expect he will ever say that he is supporting so and so and that is why its contradictory for people to go round saying he promised to support the Deputy President. The president is democratic and will let the people decide.”

He called on Kenyans to consider ODM leader Raila Odinga for the country’s top job, adding that in 2022 there will be “new political formations.”

“In 2022 there will be new political formations and I’m hoping we will be on the same side with the former prime minister as Jubilee Party. I know the ‘Tuko Sote Pamoja’ wing of the Jubilee Party may have other ideas and that is why I’m saying the sooner they ship out the better,”  stated Murathe.

“We are now looking at a transitional arrangement where we are going to nurture new generational young people to take over this country. We need that space and that is why I’m calling for Kenyans to consider the Right Honorable Former Prime Minister as the transitional leader come 2020 and that is my personal opinion.”

Murathe reiterated that the President cannot leave the country “in the wrong hands” noting that DP Ruto had been put on probation but failed the test.

“I don’t have a personal issue with the Deputy President… When you are the President you have an obligation to look around and determine who is the right person to come after you because if you leave the country in the wrong hands, the future generation will always blame you. This guy has been on probation. He has been tested and all this time they were trying to see whether they can leave this country in his hands unfortunately the jury is out there,” concluded Murathe.