MPs spend over Ksh.1B in nine months on foreign trips

MPs spend over Ksh.1B in nine months on foreign trips

Kenya is now reported to have topped the list in the number of delegates that attended the National Conference of State Legislatures in Nashville, Tennessee last week.

Kenya was top of the list with at least 90 delegates whilst Africa’s largest economy Nigeria sent only 20.

ODM leader Raila Odinga further disclosed that in comparison to Kenya, Brazil sent 9 while Japan sent only 6.

This information comes out even as the Office of the Controller of the Budget revealed that members of Parliament spent more than Ksh. 1 billion on foreign travel in only nine months while the Office of the President spent Ksh.53 million on foreign trips in that period alone.

The latest report 2018/2019 financial year comes in the wake of pressure on Parliament to justify tens of millions used on a delegation of 85 legislators and members of staff sent to the US to attend a legislative assembly.

The Office of the Controller of Budget released a nine months report showing how various arms of government have been splashing millions for comfort in the skies as public servants tour the world.

In the report, Parliament tops the list with the National Assembly spending Ksh.510 million while the Parliamentary Service Commission paying Ksh.497 million for foreign travel in nine months alone.

Quick math shows that Parliament spend an average Ksh.111 million every month to have MPs fly out of the country.

Monica Juma’s Foreign Affairs Ministry leading other ministries in foreign travel expenditure, having incurred an expenditure of Ksh.801 million on foreign travel in nine months, an average of Ksh.89 million per month.

The sports ministry spent Ksh.325 million in the same period.

The Chief Justice David Maraga’s led Judiciary spent Ksh.25 million separate from the Judicial Service Commission while the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions spending Ksh.55.9 million to travel abroad.

In September 2017, Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua issued a circular to all government officials barring them from traveling abroad unless cleared by the President as the Kenyatta regime sough to proposed cuts on foreign travel as part of a wide range of austerity measures.

Odinga is now calling for taming of foreign travel accusing mps of being a bad example.

“…that is wastage the MPs must apologise to tax payers…  ,” said Odinga.