MPs blame Kenyans for the increased tax

MPs blame Kenyans for the increased tax

Nyatike member of parliament Hon.Tom Odege and Suna West counterpart, Hon. Peter Masara have lashed out at Kenyans saying they should stop blaming Members of the national assembly over the 8% VAT increase but instead blame themselves for re-electing the wrong government.

The two who were speaking in Migori faulted the electorate saying they were responsible for voting in the incumbent government which they accused of surviving on borrowing.

According to Hon. Odege, NASA warned Kenyans not to re-elect the Jubilee government but many did not heed to the advice and should therefore shoulder the burden of the heavy tax.

Odege insisted that Kenyans should learn to bear the responsibility for their choices and blame themselves for the increased fuel prices and taxes on other services like money transfers.

His sentiments were echoed by Hon. Masara adding that regardless of the current situation, the country must pay the debt borrowed from China.

The legislators now say they tried their best to stop the government from implementing the 8% tax increase on fuel products but their efforts were futile.

The legislators now want the government to seal all corruption loopholes and unnecessary expenditure so that the money collected from taxes can be put into the intended use.