MPs Aisha Jumwa, Dori appeal their expulsion from ODM

MPs Aisha Jumwa, Dori appeal their expulsion from ODM

Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa and Suleiman Dori of Msambweni have filed an appeal contesting their their expulsion from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

In their petition to the party’s National Governing Council, the two lawmakers claim the decision to expel them was made in “complete disregard” of the party Constitution and was based on allegations that are “strange and not recognised by any law.”

The two MPs were accused of openly supporting and promoting the interests of another political party, following their close and public association with Deputy President William Ruto.

They, however, argue that their association with DP Ruto was in line with the Building Bridges Initiative which was a creation of their party leader, Raila Odinga together with President Kenyatta.

“The Hon. Members (Jumwa and Dori) are aware of the ODM Party position to support government initiatives under the Building Bridges Initiative that arose after the ‘handshake’ between the ODM party leader, on one hand, and the President of Kenya (Jubilee Party leader).

Any such association with the government including the Deputy President was in line with this initiative, and in exercise of the freedom of association,” reads the petition filed through Advocate Kipchumba Murkomen.

The two MPs further defend themselves saying: “An allegation that the Hon. Members supported a ‘presidential candidate’ other than ODM party presidential candidate is baseless and outrageous. No party has nominated such a candidate as at the time of the alleged utterances or even now for the future elections. That nomination is yet to come.”

The two lawmakers claim that while the party disciplinary committee is composed of five members, only one of them sat and determined their fate, which was then communicated to the ODM National Executive Council (NEC), which they also claim was not properly constituted.

“There was no NEC constituted or properly constituted on December 4, 2018 and none on January 24, 2019 or any other date as required by law and in particular Article 7.1 of ODM,” reads the petition.

The MPs now want to appear before the National Governing Council within six months to defend themselves.