Migori Governor Obado pleads for prayers after release from jail

Migori Governor Obado pleads for prayers after release from jail

Migori Governor Okoth Obado says he is ready to get back to serious work following his release from remand prison where he was detained for over a month after he was charged with the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

Speaking on Saturday at Upper Hill SDA church in Migori County, Governor Obado assured the county residents that he would serve them despite the court restricting his movement within Migori.

Obado noted that he is facing several tribulations and more particularly the murder case, but expressed optimism that justice would prevail. He urged the residents of Migori to remember him in prayers.

“I am glad I have been released and I will try to operate within the areas instructed by the court so that our development plans continue smoothly. I want to ask for peace and for you to continue praying for me even as this matter continues,” said Obado.

He added: “We have no fear and are not shaken because we know that the truth will eventually come out. We are facing many battles and it is only through your continuous prayer that we can triumph over all of them.”

On October 24, 2018 Judge Jessie Lesiit released Governor Obado on bail but on conditions among them not go within 20 kilometres of the Homa Bay-Migori boundary.

He was also ordered not to contact or intimidate, whether directly or by proxy, any of the witnesses in the case.

The governor was also restricted from mentioning or discussing the deceased in any gatherings or political meetings whether public or private.