Mexican activists march in solidarity with Fidel Castro

Mexican activists march in solidarity with Fidel Castro

Dozens of activists from the Communist party in Mexico took to the streets of Mexico City on Saturday (November 26) in honour of Cuban leader Fidel Castro who died on Friday (November 25).

The demonstrators carried torches and red flags as they shouted slogans in support of the late leader and socialist ideals.

One of the demonstrators, Diego Torres, told Reuters the demonstration was in response to celebrations in Miami where Cuban-Americans poured into the streets of Little Havana to celebrate Castro’s death, while leaders of Florida’s Cuban emigre community portrayed his passing as a hopeful sign for reform in their homeland.

“This (demonstration) is in response to the images we’ve seen of those vultures, that warm farm in Miami, who came out to celebrate the death of a person who they couldn’t beat in life. I mean, what kind of Pyrrhic victory is it when after they failed to kill him with 683 assassination attempts and that after 90 years of a life dedicated to the cause he believes in and that the Cuban people followed him in and then he dies naturally,” Torres said.

Thousands of revellers turned out in force on the streets of the Miami’s Cuban neighbourhood, waving flags, setting off fireworks and banging on pots to mark the death of a man who many scorned as a dictator.

The activists in Mexico City took their demonstration to the Cuban embassy where they laid red flowers in Castro’s remembrance.