Medic moves to court over Uhuru’s directive on car grant for MCAs

Medic moves to court over Uhuru’s directive on car grant for MCAs

A surgeon has moved to court to challenge the Ksh. 4.5billion car grant that was to be given to Members of County Assemblies.

According to Dr. Magare Gikenyi J.Benjamin, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission has not told the public which law has been used to approve the conversion of car loans to car grants neither has the grant been subjected to public participation.

“The 1st respondent actions were not vin public interest and it is not prudent use of scarce public financial resources to ensure sustainability and itra and intergenerational equity,” court papers read.

The papers filed at the Milimani Law Court further aver that the actions of SRC are illegal, irregular and irrational as it the grants are for personal gain and not service to the people.

The medic wants the court to stay the decision by the SRC that approved the conversions of car loans into grants pending hearing and determination of the case.

All the 47 county Assemblies have been named as respondents in the cases.

Dr Magare opined that it is unfair for the SRC to discriminate against healthcare workers yet favor MCAs based on political importance and convenience.

He linked the car grant gift to the MCAs’ role in popularizing the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment )Bill, 2020 popularly referred to as the BBI Bill.

“The issue at hand is outright misuse of discertion between different groups of npeople that is the political class versus ordinary hardworking Kenyans people.

“That it is against the constitution for an independent commission to show signs of not being independent. This goes against the core principles of our constitution including article 249 of the constitution,” he argued.

Dr Magare insisted that its not wrong for anybody including the President to campaign for a particular cause using public funds as inducement.

He criticized the Commission for failure to perform its functions independently saying: “SRC used the issues of affordability ,fiscal sustainability ,equity and fairness to reject allowances to healthcare workers.”

It is his argument that the MCAs willingly signed the car loan and cannot change the contract from loan to grant which will result in loss of funds from Kenyans taxpayers.

He says that the proper procedure were not followed in arriving at the decision to give car grants.