‘Maths is the easiest subject on earth,’ says Babu Owino as he conducts online lesson

‘Maths is the easiest subject on earth,’ says Babu Owino as he conducts online lesson

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino on Friday sparked excitement on social media as he conducted an online high school Mathematics lesson.

The MP, for nearly one and a half hours, took Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination candidates through revision of some of the most complex units of Mathematics following school closure over the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting off by expressing remorse at learners who were unable to access his session due to lack of internet or smartphones, the legislator proudly declared that “Mathematics is the easiest subject on earth.”

Mr. Owino, in the session, covered topics across differentiation, integration as well as trigonometry all the while showing his workings on a whiteboard.

The MP had previously urged the Ministry of Education to ensure KCSE exams are set only from the topics covered by the learners during the period preceding the coronavirus outbreak.

“The Cabinet Secretary of Education Professor George Albert Magoha Omore must submit to my office those exam papers in advance so that I can verify in advance what has not been taught,” he said during a past presser.

After the lesson, Mr. Owino credited his knowledge to his upbringing saying he recognized – from a young age – that “it’s only Education that could get me from the shackles of poverty and I decided to concentrate on it.”

— Babu Owino (@HEBabuOwino) May 2, 2020

A large section of Kenyans on Twitter, including KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua, lauded the MP for his skills in Mathematics and for his decision to tutor the learners presently confined to their homes.

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Its easy to forget that he got a first class in Actuarial Science. Lol!

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