Matatus to be relocated out of Nairobi’s CBD by Dec 1

Matatus to be relocated out of Nairobi’s CBD by Dec 1

Matatus operating within the CBD will now be expected to terminate their journeys outside the city effective December 1.

According to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, PSV plying major routes leading to the CBD will terminate the trips at the Green park and the Desai road terminals.

Works are on going at the green park bus terminal . The Nairobi metropolitan services busy at work to ensure that by 1st December PSVs plying Ngong and Lang’ata roads will terminate their journeys here .

At the Desai road terminus in Ngara work is almost complete. Once completed the terminal will serve Matatus from Waiyaki way, Uhuru highway, Kipande and Limuru roads.

PSVs from Mombasa road will terminate at another new terminal at the junction of Bunyala and workshop road, which is still under construction.

The Muthurwa terminus is expected to remain as it serves PSV from Jogoo and Lusaka roads.

“The reason why the previous plans by the government never worked was because we were never involved, they would just wake up on a random morning and say no PSV will enter the CBD, and we had to comply,”Kushian Muchiri , the Chairman ,Matatu and Boda Boda operators said

This is not the first time the government has tried to deal with the nasty traffic congestion by blocking Matatus from the CBD

Concern is now on whether terminals such as the existing Muthurwa one- known for its insecurity and traffic snarl-ups- will be maintained by the county government as nothing has been done at the moment.

“If they cannot maintain this bus stop why should we believe them when they say that they will build and operate new terminals,” Daniel Aloka,  Matatu conductor poses.

Pot holes , garbage , hand carts and general chaos characterise the Muthurua bus terminal . With buses from Jogoo Rd now expected to terminate their trips here questions are being raised over the capacity of the bus stop with operators saying that it has a capacity of 300 buses compared to the 10,000 busses that serve residents living along Jogoo road.