Martha Karua on Waiguru’s impeachment: Uhuru, why have you forsaken us?

Martha Karua on Waiguru’s impeachment: Uhuru, why have you forsaken us?

Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua now claims that Senate Commitee formed to investigate Governor Anne Waiguru’s impeachment received calls to expunge the Kirinyaga county boss from the allegations.

Speaking to Citizen TV’s Daybreak on Monday, Karua accused the Jubilee Party and ODM parties of letting Waiguru go scot-free despite the damning allegations tabled against her.

“Let me state this categorically, those members were whipped to do the opposite, at least we know of phonecalls, they may deny, we know of night meetings, we know of calls to the speaker and other key members, we have information from senators who do not want to be named,” Karua said.

Further,  Karua claims the Senate did not discuss anything of substance that had been tabled,  but dwelled on  sideshows during the entire  impeachment hearing.

“It was evident that tenders were awarded illegally, they accepted that unqualified people were hired, they agreed that there is rot in Kirinyaga, these are impeachable offences in my view,” she added.

At the same time, she accused President Kenyatta of abandoning the people of Kirinyaga despite evidence that the county was being run-down.

“I’m asking the President, what is your message to the people of Kirinyaga? You seem to have thrown us under the bus, you party did not look into the allegations but settled on sidewhows,” she added.

On Friday, the Senate Select Committee appointed to probe the impeachment of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru acquitted her, saying the County Assembly, who were the accuser, did not substantiate the charges leveled against her.

According to the committee, the County Assembly did not provide evidence directly linking her to alleged corruption, abuse of office and violation of procurement regulations.

“The Committee having investigated the matter in accordance with its mandate under section 33(4) of the County Governments Act and standing order 75(2) of the Senate Standing Orders reports to the Senate that it finds that the two Charges against the Governor have not been substantiated,” concludes the Committee.

According to the 11-member Committee led by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malalah, the County Assembly did not substantiate allegations that Waiguru failed to deliver the annual State of the county address for the Financial year 2018/2019 to the County Assembly and that she undermined the authority of the County Assembly.

“From the evidence adduced before the Committee, the Governor demonstrated that two Annual State of the County Address was made. One albeit was not delivered in the County Assembly. The Committee further noted that there is no county legislation to provide for the content of the Annual State of the County Address as required by section 30(2)(k) of the County Government Act,” reads the report.

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